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4.7 Jeep Engine

Jeep Engines V84.7 Jeep engine made its debut in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This modified version of the Cherokee had more than just a new body style. The engine upgrade to the V8 series as well as to the torque did not go unnoticed. Buyers of Jeep vehicles in 1999 were treated to this new offering by Chrysler. This new PowerTech series was used inside the Grand Cherokee for a decade. You’ll find the 4.7 Jeep engine inventory that we carry pleasing in size as well as in price. You won’t go wrong buying from https://www.rebuiltenginessale.com/test/jeep-engines-2 online.

The decade long success of this V8 engine helped boost the Dodge brand too. The High Output version of this motor was used by Dodge. A horsepower increase was made to help support the pickup trucks that were used with this engine. The Dakota, Durango and the Ram all used the High Output 4.7. The base Chrysler model was able to achieve upwards of 315 horsepower without modifications. The rebuilt motors you’ll find inside our warehouse will ensure you find the right horsepower configuration that you need. Our engines are built by our own internal staff to make sure that our customers are always satisfied.

4.7 Jeep Engine in Stock 

Sales levels are constantly monitored on this website. We also maintain an accurate offline inventory. By choosing our company as your provider, you’re likely to always find the motors that you want without hassle. We know that finding a replacement at the last minute is both frustrating and disappointing. We eliminate the inventory issues that some dealers have by always stocking the V8 series from Chrysler. The production of this engine inside of our state of the art facility helps assure you of its reliability. Installation issues, Jeep engine noise and other problems that some dealers have are erased at our company.

Buying reconditioned engines don’t come with any risk here. The reason is simple. We’re the rebuilding company. Nothing gets outsourced to someone else when we can do it better. Warranty protection is a big deal in the engine world and one of the reasons we won’t sell without it. We know that over half of what is sold online and offline is for third party customers. We know that being a white label engine provider takes a lot of responsibility. When customers come to us with engine needs, we work fast and always provide the quality level expected. Our unbeatable 3-year unlimited mileage warranty is more than enough to convince the average buyer. Getting a warranty is not something difficult here. We take care of those that help take care of us in the automotive industry.

4.7 Jeep Engine Pricing Online

Quotes are how we distribute pricing online. We ask that you complete the form you can find on this page. It’s fast and simple for anyone to use. What happens next is your information is reviewed. We make a match with the VIN number. The pricing is generated and you can choose to purchase upon receipt of your quote. Phone quotes are another easy way to get prices here. Just dial into our company’s toll free number and we’ll help you immediately.



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