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Chrysler 300M Rebuilt Engines

Chrysler 300M Rebuilt EnginesChrysler 300M was a 5-year production run car for Chrysler. This sporty sedan took the place of the long retired Eagle brand. Fans of the Eagle quickly took to the 300M. One thing that Chrysler did differently with this vehicle is use only one engine. To keep things simple, a newly designed 3.5L V6 was used strictly for the 300M. While the engine was newer, some of the old stylings were present with the 300M. Several cars like the Intrepid and the Concorde were modeled to produce this new sedan. You can get Chrysler 300M rebuilt engines here for a price that will definitely surprise you.

The 3.5L V6 is a SOHC engine. It produces a base horsepower of 253. It can be modified to increase the horsepower but our engines come stock. These engines are direct OEM replacements. The used block that we start with is cleaned and disassembled. We inspect every component regardless of the size. All of the shafts and bearings are cleaned or replaced if required. The once used 3.5L engines that arrive leave here totally rebuilt. We can’t reverse the mileage but we can extend the life. You should feel confident in knowing that engines here do not get sent back to us for a repair.

Chrysler 300M Rebuilt Engines

Our standards are excellent. We could settle for less but we refuse it. All the work our mechanics do is on the mark. The methods of purchasing engines to the warranties that are included are not the norm. We buy strictly from dealers that have proven they can provide us with quality motors. We don’t need to have 50 wholesalers if 47 of them can’t match our quality. We use the right people to help our mechanics do great work. All work put out here includes warranties. Nothing ever slips by us. The entire purpose of reconditioning an engine is to get it to run like new. We would be doing a disservice if we didn’t always give 110 percent. The rebuilds we offer are always Chrysler OEM.

We can’t have an engine shop and not have expert freight handlers. Our freight staff is amazing. The sheer volume of engines moving in and out of the warehouse each day is amazing. Nothing is ever out of place, our inventory is straight and our engines arrive unscathed to all destinations. That says quite a bit about who we are as sellers and the employees that are part of our family. When you want a Chrysler engine rebuilt, you now have a source to turn to that will give you more than what you ask. Our 300M V6 engines will excite you just as much as they do us when we are finished remanufacturing them.

Chrysler 300M Rebuilt Engines Quotes 

A V6 engine can be on its way to you today if you obtain a quote from us. The Chrysler quote form that we offer to you is a 21st century innovation. It will give you information like warranty status, shipment details, inventory levels and exactly how much the engine costs. No surprises or no hassles is what our quote form confirms for you. Call our specialists at 1-877-630-3873. You can order or just get some more 3.5L V6 engine information.




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