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Dodge Hemi Engine

Dodge Hemi EngineDodge created its Hemi engine in the early 1950s. This powerful engine went through several changes before it rose to the level of what it has become today. The newest Dodge Hemi engine that is available was created in 2003. This Chrysler produced motor was given the 5.7 size. The Dodge Ram was the first pickup truck to receive this engine that surpassed the 350 horsepower mark. You’ll find for sale here our inventory of Dodge engines. Let us help you find a match to replace the motor in your car, SUV or pickup truck today.

You’ve arrived at the right spot if you’re trying to locate a V8 rebuilt engine. You’ll find that this website is one of the largest resources you’ll find. There are thousands of engines that arrive at destinations in the U.S. each year sent out by our company. We’ve developed a trusting relationship with our distributors and our clients. The rebuilding work we complete each day inside our technologically advanced facility is error-free. Our Dodge engine mechanics work hard to provide OEM motors for a discount price. Replacing a Dodge motor in your vehicle or a vehicle for a third party is easier with a great motor.

Dodge Hemi Engine in Stock 

Since the Hemi engine fits into multiple vehicles, we always have the supply on hand that customers expect. We know that the Cherokee, Durango and Magnum only represent a few of the vehicles that use this V8 motor. We build up the stock of these engines by remanufacturing the Hemi motors that are purchased in used condition. We’re able to find through our contacts low mileage blocks. This does make a difference in the overall performance. We strip and clean each motor before our mechanics complete the build. Each of the remanufactured Dodge engines that come out of our facility receive our stamp of approval.

Since we’re the building company, we offer the warranty of our labor as well as any OEM parts we use. We feel this is very fair and we know that warranties are hard to come by online. We let our mechanics do a great job and then we insure ourselves by testing each V8 before it’s sold. The 3 full years of coverage we provide when we sell a Hemi is our quality commitment to customers. Unlimited mileage, OEM warranty and a perfect build represent the total package that is offered for the Dodge Hemi engine sold here. The price that you pay is discounted to a low level because we move engines in volume. You won’t get sticker shock when our prices are delivered to you.

Dodge Hemi Engine Price Quotes 

Prices are always given out by our talented customer service team. Let these engine experts match your vehicle identification number and engine type. We’ll supply you with a great price and answers to your questions when you call. Online prices can be found through our rebuilt Dodge engines quote form right on this website. This form is accurate and easy to use to get prices 365 days a year. Try it out now.






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