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Remanufactured Ford EXP Engines for Sale

Ford EXP Engines for Sale | Rebuilt Ford Engines EXPThe Ford EXP was supposed to be the answer the energy and fuel crisis of the early 1980s. First released in 1982, the EXP the first two-seater vehicle that Ford produced since the early versions of the Mustang. A smaller Ford 1.9L engine was placed into the EXP to provide a mixture of horsepower for routine driving and better miles per gallon. While the Ford marketing machine never got behind the EXP, fans around the world purchased hundreds of thousands of these and they are still on the road today. Our Ford EXP engines for sale have a 1.9-liter displacement and fit into a Ranger or Escort. Here at www.remanufacturedenginesforsale.com, sell these Ford reman engines around the world.

The inline 4-cylinder motors that we sell are first purchased as used engines and then we make the determination after purchase to rebuild them. We are one of the only Internet dealers that maintain a full-scale engine shop. We have taken the time and money to put into our business to make it great. This means investing into the latest equipment for engine testing and rebuilding. Our Ford mechanics are trained in using this equipment and do one of the best rebuild jobs that you will ever find apart from an actual Ford engine assembly plant. Each of our 1.9L EXP engines for sale are rebuilt the exact same way.

Mechanic Tested Ford EXP Engines for Sale 

It’s always assuring when something that you buy has been fully tested and approved by a professional. A good price on a used engine does not mean anything unless it performs the way it was intended to perform. We test what we rebuild. Every one of our EXP engines goes through a phase of testing to double check our work accuracy and ensure that all OEM parts are functioning normally. We use genuine Ford parts and part of the warranty that is included in our Ford 1.9-liter engines comes from this 3-year parts warranty. We run a full diagnostic testing report that verifies what we already know about our engines. They are in fantastic shape and ready for install.

Engines that are passed in our testing are then put in our massive Ford engine inventory and marked for sale. We list these engines in our company database and they are sold to our customers worldwide. When you buy engines from us, what you get is what is described. We don’t like hassles or problems. We keep you informed of what you are getting because it assures you that you are not wasting your time or money. We want every customer that does business with us to feel the same way that we do each day.

Price Quotes on Ford EXP Engines for Sale 

1-877-630-3873 puts you in touch with our sales department although we don’t pressure you into anything. We give you our lowest EXP price and nothing more. If you have a question, we’ll answer it fast and allow you to make your decision to purchase. Use our EXP 1.9L engine quote form to get a fast price sent to you. We work hard to get you the best engines and the best prices. You won’t be disappointed in what we offer.

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