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Remanufactured Ford Focus Rebuilt Engines

Ford Focus Rebuilt EnginesFord Focus came to the U.S. market in 1998. It was released in Europe and did well in other parts of the world. The Focus was a replacement in a sense for the retired Escort. Ford brought back the Escort and its wagon version although the Focus replaced them both. The early Focus engines were based on the Zetec platform. These were variants of the CHV engine that Ford used through the 1980s and 1990s with the Escort. A newer 2.0L SPI engine was also produced. This is the version of the Ford Focus rebuilt engines you’ll find here at our website.

The Split Port Induction engine was popular from 2000 to 2004. We sell a lot of these engines for a reason. The horsepower is larger. These engines were also part of the largest selling shift in the Focus history. Ford sold millions of these vehicles from 1999 to 2005 before the next generation of Focus vehicles was made. Ford continues to support the SPI engine and we’re able to offer these rebuilt for a cheap price. You won’t have to wait to get one of our engines or pay prices that you’re uncomfortable paying. We know how to treat engine buyers.

Ford Focus Rebuilt Engines 

Buying rebuilt will always give you a lot of advantages over a used engine. One thing you’ll never have to deal with is component failure. We can’t guarantee that OEM parts will last past their useful life. We let manufacturers warranty these parts. What we can guarantee is our warranty period. Nothing will fail during the time that we cover your engine. The 2.0L engines that come out of our rebuilding facility are meant for immediate installation. You’ll know instantly after you put one into your vehicle or a vehicle for a customer that you’ve made a great decision. Restoring the power to a Ford Focus with one of our rebuilt engines is simple.

We outdo ourselves on pricing. We do the same with our rebuilds. We even take it further with a warranty. We generally give a three-year extended warranty. This provides unlimited mileage use. This is perfect for car owners and for body shops or mechanics that do installation work. All of our labor and parts applications for each 2.0L Ford engine is covered. We make the deal even better by decreasing the shipping cost. You’ll never pay high rates to own our engines. We’ve knocked off a lot of the shipping costs prior to shipment. Our customers chip in a small portion to ship engines to any destination in the U.S. or Canada. Breaks on shipping are very hard to find with online sellers.

Ford Focus Rebuilt Engines Prices

Everyone has to discuss price at some point. You’ve found a company that doesn’t mind to tell you how little you’ll pay to own our rebuilt engines. By the time you factor in our warranty and other incentives, you’ll find out for yourself how cheap our Ford engine prices are online. Use our Focus quote form right now. It can get you our pricing promptly. Call us by our toll free number to discuss pricing or to complete your purchase. Owning our 2.0L SPI engines is affordable and effortless.



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