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Remanufactured Ford F-Series 5.4L Triton Engines

F-Series Ford 5.4L EngineFord F-Series pickup trucks have remained a great seller for Ford Motor Company. The Triton V8 engine is one of the best achievements of the mid 1990s production. The 5.4L displacement is offered in different valve series to suit different vehicles. The 2004 F150 pickup was the first truck to offer the 3-valve 5.4L engine. The base of this engine is 300 horsepower. We rebuild these Ford F-Series 5.4L Triton engines inside of our own engine shop. We ensure that the Ford engine specs are what our buyers demand. Buy for low prices here at https://www.rebuiltenginessale.com/test.

This Triton engine has made its way into many different vehicles. Both the Expedition and the Navigator have made use of the power that it provides. The 2004 series onward has used the 3-valve design for the 5.4L. These engines can get expensive if you don’t have a source to buy them cheap. What buyers of our engines expect is a price they can live with. We go beyond that and give lower than competitive prices. We feel it is the right of each customer to save money when replacing or installing an engine. Buying rebuilt is a great way to do that here.

Ford F-Series 5.4L Triton Engines in Stock

We never run into engine inventory issues. The Ford Motor Company motors that are constructed here are always in stock. We listen to the requests made by those that buy here. We house the best engines for classic and late model F150 pickups. The goal of saving customers money is just one that we have. Ensuring excellence is another one high on our list. We’ve built quite an impressive engine shop. Inside of this shop is where our magic begins. We use talented engine builders that know Ford motors backward and forward. The parts put onto each rebuilt engine block remain OEM. Nothing is done differently to enhance the power available.

The Ford F150 series pickup is legendary for its engine. It is also legendary for the fuel economy. Few trucks are able to get great miles per gallon. The sheer size of some trucks eliminates this potential. We test things like fuel compression ratios through our dyno testing. This is how we know what the data should be for complete motors for sale. The F-Series is a great truck series that we’re proud to have engines for online. We know dealers, body shops and mechanics are usually the ones that purchase our inventory. We have to build great engines and we always warranty what is built.

Ford F-Series 5.4L Triton Engines Price Quotes

Engines here are priced accordingly. We keep low prices and share this information through quotes. Use the quote system we give you here. It’s fast to use and won’t ask any information not required to generate pricing. You can call toll free at any time during the quote process. Let our helpful engine experts get you the 5.4L engine you need. Our quoting system is accurate and designed to save you money buying remanufactured engines online.



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