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GMC Long Block 5.3L Van Engines

gmc-long-block-53l-enginesGMC Savana is one van produced by General Motors that uses the 5.3L Vortec long block engine. This engine is a huge engine because it has to be. The size of the long block engine is designed to fit into the full-size van design of the Savana. What makes these engines great is the power they provide. GM knew that commercial van owners or users of these vans would want a lot of torque. The horsepower provided in this GMC based engine is well North of 250 horsepower. We choose to sell these GMC long block 5.3L van engines for less than anyone else online.

Drivers that want a dependable engine choose engines like the V8 Vortec. We get a lot of compliments on what we sell and what we build. We stick to the GM brand because we know exactly what customers using the engines demand. We don’t limit any sales of motors to one specific group. We sell to GMC body shops, dealers, mechanics and even junkyards. We know quality engines are a rare thing to find online. The rebuilt motors we provide all bare the GMC nameplate and are in pristine working condition ready for installation.

GMC Long Block 5.3L Van Engines 

The average person would have no idea about what goes on when engines get rebuilt. What we do is we try our best to explain what we do during a build. This is helpful to customers that have never purchased a rebuilt engine online. It’s hard to judge the quality of something that you cannot touch or hear during operation. The blocks are all taken apart and cleaned precisely before new parts are added. Obtaining OEM GM parts is never an issue for us. Our mechanics perfectly apply the new parts and reassemble the engine block. We’re able to begin our next round of the rebuild and this is the testing phase.

Our company uses dyno testing equipment to test all GMC engines for sale. It is through our testing that we can easily certify engine reliability. Since we’re rebuilding the motors, the testing is used as a fail safe device. Our mechanics already do a wonderful job. We use the V8 engine testing to let our customers know they are getting quality. The GMC van engines that get rebuilt here are amazing. They are probably the closest thing that someone can find outside of buying a new General Motors engine. Our talented staff works daily here in our engine shop doing this perfect work. All work comes with an immediate three-year unlimited engine mileage warranty. The warranty even includes our labor work. We feel it’s the best deal going online.

GMC Long Block 5.3L Van Engines Price Quotes 

Owning a Vortec engine is by no means difficult here. All you have to do is get your quote in one of two very simple ways. The first is get it online through our quotation form for rebuilt engines. The form is easy to use and gives you all the data you need. Calling 1-877-630-3873 is the easy way to get phone quotes. Speak with our rebuilt GMC engine staff today.



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