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GMC Sierra Engine

GMC Sierra EngineGeneral Motors started used the GMC Sierra engine in 1999. Although the 5.3 has a long history, other pickup trucks and SUVs used this motor first. Both the standard and extended cab trucks made use of this engine. The 1500 series as well as other editions have used the Vortec V8 to please truck owners. What you won’t have to do is search the Internet to find in stock information. What we offer here in our inventory is the exact motor you need for your GMC pickup. We do this at a low price.

There are different generations of the motors used to power the GM brands. What truck owners love about the 4-wheel drive capability is that the horsepower was never compromised. The actual power ratings have increased through the years instead of decrease. Some automakers that build motors work harder at fuel efficiency. GM has always put the right amount of power in its motors. These are the very styles that we build here. We’re one of few engine companies that provide OEM editions. These are not built from blueprints found online. What leaves our company is genuine and guaranteed to fit.

GMC Sierra Engine with Aluminum Heads

The iron block and aluminum head design is one of the features of the Vortec brand. The 5300 edition uses the aluminum heads and many of the variants created afterward rely on this design. Our rebuilding facility has all of the equipment and tools that are required to build GM units. This is combined with the training and development of our mechanics. What customers come to us and request is an exact replica for installation. This is what is offered here and we do it for a price less than dealerships charge. The actual pricing we give out is considered low by many in the auto industry.

The Sierra edition of the 5.3 motor is one that also fits Chevrolet brands. You can rest assured if you make a purchase that you’re getting something worthwhile. We never ship out the wrong engine. We take the required time to match VIN numbers and take some information from you when you make contact with us. This is what is used to verify what we’ll send out. Because we warranty our builds, you won’t spend time after installation worrying about problems. Our labor from the mechanics and the OEM parts are always covered. The period of time that we give is currently 36 months in coverage. This provides customers more than enough assurance to use what we sell. We’re only interested in providing reliable motors for replacement.

GMC Sierra Engine Online Quote Form

It’s easy to call us by the toll free number we provide. We’ll always help you instantly and provide the information you request. If you want to do it all yourself online, our new online quote form can help you. It is this form that gives you the accurate information you’re searching for before purchase. This is linked to our inventory and pricing as well as warranty information is included. Give it a try right now.





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