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International DT 466E Diesel Engines for Sale

Here’s some investment advice that’s sure to keep paying off for years down the line: For medium duty
applications, choose remanufactured International diesel engines. Through equal parts modern technology and plain common sense, International DT 466 engines deliver performance, reliability, durability and low cost of maintenance. Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com offers International DT 466E Diesel Engines for Sale at everyday low prices.

Replacing unnecessary weight with added strength, these engines pack the same power of comparably rated engines weighing hundreds of pounds more. Design innovations include a common bore design and large intake valves for improved airflow, short stroke for lower piston speed.

The bottom line: we turn more engine buyers into satisfied owners, drivers and maintainers with our completely remanufactured diesel engines. Originally introduced in 1984, plenty of design changes have occured over the years to improve and update the DT 466. One of them occured in 1994 when the DT 466 became the DT 466E.

The E stands for electronic. Meaning that instead of using ordinary mechanical controls, the engine adopted a more efficient electronic control system. Adding fuel mileage, power and lowering emissions too. A turbo charger was added for more horsepower too.

Originally used in farm equipment and construction work sites, the engine now resides under the hoods of many over the road trucks. That being the number one reason to buy a remanufactured diesel truck motor is ultimate reliability; getting the goods to the store on time.

Why settle for less engine when one of our remanufactured engines has pure value built right into it? More miles per dollar is what we offer. Simply put, we build peace of mind with our uncompromised remanufactured engines. Put a call in right now and speak with a diesel engine specialist.