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Jeep PowerTech 4.7L Engines

Jeep PowerTech 4.7L EnginesJeep PowerTech engines helped to grow the overall sales for Chrysler in the late 1990s. The Cherokee had declined in sales and new engine options were explored. The PowerTech V8 series is one of Chrysler’s most successful in recent years. The public as well as critics loved the 4.7L engine when it was released. It even made the Ward’s Best Seller list. This prestigious award is just one accolade that Chrysler has received due to its PowerTech series engine. You can get a big discount when buying Jeep PowerTech 4.7L engines right from this website online.

The base 310 horsepower of the PowerTech series is one of the reasons that engine buyers prefer to use it. This V8 is one of the most powerful that is on the market that is used for SUVs and some medium-duty trucks. One unique element of the 4.7L series is the upgrade that it received in 2002. The Jeep Grand Cherokee was introduced with a High Output version of the 4.7L. This huge upgrade added to the torque as well as the base horsepower that vehicle owners took notice of quickly. We have each of these in stock rebuilt by our mechanics.

Jeep PowerTech 4.7L Engines in Stock 

Remanufactured engines is our business here. We take in the best of the best used engines and turn them out to be great. The rebuilding that is done here always follows the Chrysler performance models. This means that our builders are highly trained mechanics that know what to do. Customers don’t have to come here and worry if we’ll modify the horsepower or other OEM arrangement. What happens inside of this facility here is the same procedures that are followed in a Jeep production plant. We keep quality levels as high as possible in the remanufactured engines industry. These 4.7L Jeep engines get safely shipped around the U.S. and Canada from our solely owned warehouse.

PowerTech is a brand we trust as well as the branded Dodge Magnum series. Each of these motors is identical minus the horsepower upgrade in the HO series. You can be an SUV owner, dealership or mechanic that fixes vehicles. We take all orders from our website and send these motors out quickly. No special information is collected by our sales staff when you inquire about a quote. We get down to business fast and never waste someone’s time. These OEM Jeep motors for sale are guaranteed by our company to be among the lowest price levels that you’ve witnessed online. There is no pricing that we’ve found on the Internet that convinced us yet that we have any competition.

Jeep PowerTech 4.7L Engines Pricing Online 

We deliver pricing as easy as the click of a button. If you can fill out the quote form and click submit, you’ll be presented with pricing that you can live with. Let our expert team help you by phone too if you choose to call. We use our toll free quote line as a form of contact and introduction to our company. Don’t let our low Jeep pricing slip away.



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