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Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Engines

Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser EnginesOldsmobile Custom Cruiser is considered by many to be the premier station wagon. The Custom Cruiser had a production life of over 20 years for General Motors. The early 1970s is when this vehicle premiered and it remained in the lineup for 2 full decades. There were 3 separate generations of the Custom Cruiser that were produced. The larger styles were scaled back by the mid 1980s and so were the engines. The 5.7L is one of the most in-demand for this Oldsmobile vehicle. It so happens that we have these Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser engines right now for sale. We rebuild these 5.7L V8 engines cheaper than most companies.

We support Oldsmobile engines even though this company has been discontinued. What you might not realize is that GM has produced hundreds of thousands of 5.7L engines. We find them and buy them used to bring into our shop to rebuild. It is with extreme care and caution that we purchase V8 engines. Since these engines begin as used, we must buy them strictly from suppliers that we have trusted working relationships with. We found that this is the way that we keep our standards high for quality control. There is little we could do for a used engine that is past its natural life cycle.

Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Engines

A station wagon engine must be built tough. These passenger cars were built to hold 8 or more people. You won’t find a 4-cylinder used for a station wagon in the GM lineup. Oldsmobile pretty much pioneered the way that passengers travel in automobiles. Before its untimely closure, Oldsmobile was one of the most successful and oldest brands in the world. The Oldsmobile motors that our team acquires are cleaned and disassembled when we get them. Our GM mechanics spend a lot of time taking apart engines and diagnosing any part issues. It is from the diagnosis that we put together our own assessment of what should be changed out. We make certain that all 5.7L engines are able to perform as intended.

The Custom Cruiser engine is large and takes time to rebuild perfectly. We take the required time to make it right. When we are through building these engines, they are moved immediately to our department for testing. We do make use of dyno tests to measure the performance of the engine with computers. This data and charts that are supplied help us to monitor the work we have put into the 5.7L V8. When all tests come out perfect, it is only then that a V8 can enter our rebuilt engines inventory. We take a lot of small steps that add up to big steps when customers complete a purchase.

Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Engines Quote

There is nothing we won’t do to help lower our pricing. We take a lot of measures that customers never get the opportunity to witness. Try our 5.7L quote form you see here. All you need is the engine basics. We do the rest for you. What we present you with is our approximate pricing. We are confident you’ll be pleased. You can call 1-877-630-3873. Let our remanufactured engine experts speak with you today.



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