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Porsche Cayenne Engines for Sale

We Currently Do Not Carry Porsche Engines


If you have a Porsche Cayenne than I’m preaching to the choir, but the Cayenne is the best midsize super performance CUV or SUV in the world. Plain and simple. With that in mind, the Cayenne is the first Porsche since 1995 to use a V8 engine. Now, there are two generations of Cayenne. Engine options increased in amount in the second generation. Lets talk briefly about Porsche engines.

The engines Porsche became famous for are pancake or flat engines. The banks of opposing cylinders are 180 degrees apart, thus it is flat: a 6 cylinder or four cylinder engine. The Cayenne is different, the engines have a distinct V shape to them. Thus a moodier V engine is what we have.

Being of eight cylinders, the 4.5 liter engines are to big to be built flat and not be inefficient size wise, so the popular V design was adapted to the V8 engines.

Don’t think for one second this is any less of an engine than the legendary pancake motors. Simply put, nobody builds a more reliable or long lasting engine that will put up with more abuse than Porsche, it’s not up for argument.

If you are seeking out Porsche Cayenne Engines for Sale, than you probably wore it out, which is hard to do, or you had something out of your control go wrong, like an engine overheating issue. Having said that, the best way to replace a Porsche engine is with a remanufactured engine that meets factory specifications, both parts wise and in terms of machine work and assembly.

Instead of paying the exorbitant dealer prices, Remanufcturedenginesforsale.com has 100% remanufactured Porsche Cayenne engines built with factory original parts to exact factory specifications. Plus, if there are any Porsche approved updates, they are built into the job.

It’s ridiculous to get involved in every engine option a Cayenne may have. Since it’s called a global car, there are many available engines offered, depending on your geographic location. FYI: lots of car companies are going to the Global moniker.

If you know where your registration is, then you have all the information we need at Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com to identify the engine in your CUV and outfit you with one that has pure value built right into it, and costs pennies on the dollar compared to the dealership.

Our peace of mind guarantee proves our confidence. Don’t sell yourself short, call right now for more free information and a free quote.

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