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Rebuilt 4.7 Liter Dodge Power Tech V8 Engines

Chrysler Power Tech engines are a relatively new engine family from Chrysler brought out in 1999. The 4.7 liter V8 was the first entry in this family of engines, which by the way is called the “Next Generation Magnum” in Dodge products. It was first released in the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

In regard to engine failures, unusual to occur, at least until now. These engines have had no major complaints levied against them. Rebuilt 4.7 Liter Dodge Power Tech V8 Engines always use the improvements listed below to provide you with an engine that exceeds factory specs and your expectations. Call RebuiltEnginesForSale.com right away.

Two variations of the 4.7 liter were released. One is a straight up engine for ordinary purposes found in these cars currently:
• 1999–2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee
• 2000–2011 Dodge Dakota
• 2000–2009 Dodge Durango
• 2002–present Dodge Ram 1500
• 2006–2009 Jeep Commander
• 2007–2009 Chrysler Aspen
The 4.7 Liter HO/Magnum is a “High Output” performance oriented version. Producing 265 hp and 330 ft.lb. of torque, was introduced in 2002, first appearing in the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. Available in these model cars:
• 2002–2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
• 2005–2007 Dodge Dakota
• 2002–2007 Dodge Ram 1500
• 2006–2007 Mitsubishi Raider

So, why is a rebuilt 4.7 liter engine the best engine replacement bet? Read the chart below:

• Our rebuilt engines has been fully updated using all the latest factory approved OEM & APRA updates. Below is a list of factory known faults we have corrected using better parts and improved technology.
• Re-Built using the latest design pistons thus preventing excessive cylinder temperatures, leading to troublesome oil sludge buildup over time.
• Over sizing & enlargement of the oil return holes in the cylinder heads & engine block, increasing oil return rates, to prevent oil sludge buildup.
• Updated components and design used for timing belt tensionsers to prevent premature failures.
• Re-Built using special metal impregnated head gaskets to prevent head gasket failure.
• Re-Built with all new valve seats pressed in to prevent valve seat fallout as the OEM engines did.

For the cost of a rebuilt engine, compared to the extended amount of miles delivered, there is no greater value. Of course, you have to follow approved maintenance schedules, and use synthetic engine oil, to get maximum life. Not having warranty problems is a big relief for professional engine replacement experts. Warranty problems cost everyone. It costs the customer the most, in terms of down time and possibilities of not receiving the warranty service promised.

Take a few minutes to call RebuiltEnginesForSale.com and find out how sincere we are about our products, customer service and delivering exactly what we told you, or a bit more. We are glad to spend as much time as need to help you decide which engine suits you the best.

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