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Rebuilt Cadillac Escalade Engines

Rebuilt Cadillac Escalade EnginesCadillac Escalade was introduced in 1999 to rave reviews. Cadillac had never before ventured into the luxury SUV market. It had been known for luxury sedans up until this point in the history of General Motors. Cadillac never does anything of low quality and the Escalade over delivered on features. The 5.3L Vortec was the first engine put into the Escalade. This large V8 engine served its purpose and gave drivers a lot of power. We have rebuilt Cadillac Escalade engines at prices that are affordable. You don’t have to pay a lot to swap out your SUV engines here.

The 6.0L engine was introduced in the Escalade in 2007. This is the current engine that General Motors is using for the Cadillac series and for other vehicles. You get massive power with this engine. We offer rebuilt engines only at exceptionally low online prices. We have an entire process of purchasing Cadillac engines and go through a lot of work before they are brought into our engine shop. Getting one of our engines is actually easy for our customers. We built an easy to use website and inventory system that helps us maintain our lead in online remanufactured engine sales.

Rebuilt Cadillac Escalade Engines

The 6.0L V8 is a big engine. This engine is not cheap to ship and it is not cheap to store in our controlled climate warehouse. We put a lot of money into building up our engine company so that our customers could benefit. Each 6.0 Vortec that arrives is checked out by our staff of GM mechanics. Each professional plays a specific role into making our company what it is today. The engines all receive a grade of quality and they are sent to our engine shop to start the building process. A general cleaning is what some companies give but we prefer to be thorough. We leave no part untouched and even clean the tiny parts in great working condition. Nothing is left out of our engine rebuilding work.

When each V8 engine is assembled, it goes through visual and computer testing. This dual testing helps us eliminate any slight chance of an error. The reports that are generated are in-depth and allow us to keep our rebuilt quality high. We understand that some engines that leave our warehouse will not be sold to just one individual. The engines actually get resold by companies like junkyards and salvage companies. We keep this in mind as we are rebuilding engines for sale. The discounted pricing, coverage for warranties and our fast shipping are all additional bonuses that are included with all Cadillac engines sold here.

Rebuilt Cadillac Escalade Engines Pricing

You can call our friendly and supportive engine staff at 1-877-630-3873 to get a 6.0L engine quote. We’re super fast and will not waste a moment of your time. We get right down to business. You should never feel obligated to buy. A quote is simply a quote. You can get the same quote online. Use the form that we provide. Review the information we give you. Get in touch with us when you want us to ship out your engine. It’s that easy

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