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GMC Engines For Sale

GM’s first approach produced an assortment of engine designs for GMC, but by the 1970s the company saw quite a bit of duplication in engine size and output. The engines were very similar, but the parts were different and that created confusion for customers. That issue along with escalating production costs, due to emission control…

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Dump Truck Engines for Sale

Speaking of engines, what about dump truck engines? Most of us think of dump trucks as the huge trucks we see carrying loads of ”stuff” in a huge metal tilt bed, which tilts back to dump the ”stuff” in the proper place. When we get a call for remanufactured dump truck engines for sale, we…

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Mercedes Diesel Engine for Sale

We offer the 2.7L and 3.0L Mercedes diesel engines for the Sprinter Vans. Mercedes Benz may be the best known automobile in the American car market that uses diesel engines. I remember in the ’60’s, my best friends mom had a Mercedes with a diesel engine and 4 speed manual shift on the column. My…

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Mercedes Diesel Motor Used or Remanned?

  We Currently Do Not Carry Mercedes Engines   When a potential customer requests a Mercedes diesel motor used, we know immediately our potential customer is not an avid car person and needs some council on how to best determine if a used Mercedes motor or a remanufactured engine for a Mercedes is applicable to said…

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Remanufactured Diesel Engine For Sale, Dyno Tested

Something you should know about  remanufactured Diesel engines for sale is that they are setup somewhat differently than gas engines, at least concerning a perfect match-up to the intended vehicle. If you drive a big rig or somewhat large piece of machinery, the engine is actually calibrated to meet the exact specifications of said vehicle.…

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