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Toyota Rav4 Engines for Sale

Toyota Rav4 Engines for SaleToyota Rav4 was designed and created by Toyota to enter the U.S. domestic car market in 1994. While the market at that time was full of SUVs, none stood out as a competitor with the Rav4. Toyota quickly put its marketing machine into action and the worldwide sales were strong. Besides the interior legroom, the Rav4 offered what other vehicles did not have. This thing was the Toyota AZ engine. This 2.0L gave 140 base horsepower and this was more than enough to convince the buying public. Low prices for all in stock engines are what you’ll find with our Toyota Rav4 engines for sale here.

Toyota engines are not found for sale on all engine seller websites. There are two reasons for this. The first is that Toyota engines are higher priced than standard 4-cylinder domestic engines. A lot of design and testing is put inside each engine therefore increasing the price. The second reason is that engines must be imported into the U.S. before sale. Not many dealers are willing to take a chance and build up an inventory of Japanese engines. We use these two reasons to gain an advantage for our company. We import used Toyota 1AZFE motors and sell them for a great price.

Toyota Rav4 Engines for Sale 

Education and mechanic experience is put into our engine rebuilds. What starts off as something used leaves our company in a condition comparable to new. We do put forth a lot of effort cleaning up the engine block. The Rav4 engines are less than 20 years old, but these engines can still be found with some surface rust or grime on them. Used engines are notoriously dirty. Not removing contamination is how the block becomes rusted out. We know this from experience and spend a lot of time and money cleaning before we do any rebuilding. Perhaps this is a reason why our Toyota remanufactured engines are never sent back for internal or external part failure.

The Rav4 is a complex vehicle and so is its engine. Our mechanics take extreme precautionary measures when we disassemble and then reassemble our engines. We follow the Toyota engine spec diagrams that are in our shop. We know that when tuning an engine it should be calibrated properly. Nothing is done to the block or the parts that is not an exact replica of a Toyota build. Our engine staff moves engines inside and outside of our warehouse with ease. These pros make transporting engines look easy but we know it’s hard. The junkyards, salvage companies and mechanics that purchase our rebuilt Toyota engines here expect flawless and pristine condition engines.

Toyota Rav4 Engines for Sale Quotes 

You won’t find pricing on our website. Prices can often change without our say so and we prefer to use our quote system. You have instant access to it on this website or when you call by phone at 1-877-630-3873. Whatever way you select you only need to provide our company with the engine basics. What you are given in exchange for this quick info is a Toyota 1AZFE engine that is rebuilt expertly for a low price.




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